18 companies attending career day

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13 Civil Engineering majors
6 Computer Engineering majors
6 Computer Science majors
12 Construction Management majors
5 Engineering-Electrical & Electronic majors
6 Mechanical Engineer majors

282 openings

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18 Companies Planning to Attending Career Day 2017 on October 27th
Update as of 08-18-2017
Company Name Industry Majors Web Page Summer P/T
Barry-Wehmiller Design Group Consulting CS CpE EEE ME http://www.bwdesigngroup.com No
Chevron Information Technology CS CpE EEE http://careers.chevron.com Yes
Clark Construction Group, LLC Construction Management CE CM CS CpE EEE ME https://www.clarkconstruction.com/ Yes
Clark Pacific Construction and Engineering Services CE CM http://www.clarkpacific.com No
Great Lakes Environmental & Infrastructure Construction and Engineering Services CE http://www.glei.com/ Yes
GSE Construction Co., Inc   CE CM ME http://www.gseconstruction.com Yes
Hensel Phelps Construction Management CE CM http://www.henselphelps.com Yes
Landmark Construction Construction CE CM ME http://www.landmarkconst.net Yes
Level 10 Construction Construction Management CE CM https://www.level10gc.com/ Yes
LUSARDI CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Construction CE CM http://www.lusardi.com/ Yes
Martin Brothers Construction Construction CE CM http://martinbrothers.net Yes
MiTek   CE CM CS CpE EEE ME http://www.mitek-us.com/software/ Yes
Performance Contracting Inc Construction CM http://www.pcg.com No
PowerSchool Software CS CpE https://www.powerschool.com/ Yes
SMUD Utility CS CpE EEE ME https://www.smud.org/en/index.htm Yes
TRUEBECK CONSTRUCTION Construction CE CM http://www.truebeck.com Yes
Webcor Construction Management CE http://www.webcor.com Yes
West Yost Associates Engineering Consulting CE CM https://www.westyost.com/ Yes