73 companies attending career day

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39 Civil Engineering majors
22 Computer Engineering majors
25 Computer Science majors
38 Construction Management majors
18 Engineering-Electrical & Electronic majors
26 Mechanical Engineer majors

1063 openings

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73 Companies Planning to Attending Career Day 2017 on February 17th
Update as of 01-13-2017
Company Name Industry Majors Web Page Summer P/T
A. Teichert & Son, Inc. Construction CE CM http://www.teichert.com/ Yes
Accenture Information Technology CS http://www.accenture.com Yes
ACCO Engineered Systems Construction and Engineering Services CM ME http://www.accoes.com Yes
Air Force Government/Public Service CE CM CS CpE EEE ME https://www.airforce.com/ No
Alta Vista Solutions Engineering Consulting CE CM CS ME http://altavistasolutions.com Yes
Altec Industries Manufacturing ME www.altec.com No
Balfour Beatty Infrastructure, Inc. Construction and Engineering Services CE CM http://www.bbiius.com Yes
Barco, Inc. Engineering Services CS CpE ME http://www.barco.com/en/ Yes
BKF Engineers Engineering Services CE http://www.bkf.com Yes
BSK Associates Engineering Consulting CE CM http://bskassociates.com Yes
CA Department of Pesticide Regulation Government/Public Service CS CpE http://cdpr.ca.gov No
CA State Board of Equalization Government/Public Service CS http://www.boe.ca.gov Yes
California Energy Commission Government/Public Service CE CS CpE EEE ME http:// Yes
California ISO Energy EEE www.caiso.com Yes
CalPERS Government/Public Service CS https://www.calpers.ca.gov/ Yes
Carlson, Barbee & Gibson, Inc. Engineering Consulting CE http://cbandg.com Yes
Centene Medical/Health Services CS CpE http://www.centene.com Yes
Clark Pacific Engineering Services CE CM www.clarkpacific.com No
Consolidated Engineering Laboratories Construction and Engineering Services CE CM www.ce-labs.com Yes
Deacon Corp. Construction CE CM ME http://deacon.com/ Yes
Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) Government/Public Service CS CpE EEE www.dmea.osd.mil Yes
Department of Social Services Computers/Electronics CS CpE http://www.cdss.ca.gov/cdssweb/default.htm Yes
DeSilva Gates Construction Construction CE CM http://www.desilvagates.com/ Yes
DPR Construction Construction CM http://dpr.com Yes
DRYCO Construction, Inc. Construction CE CM http://www.dryco.com Yes
Endsight IT Consulting CS CpE EEE http://www.endsight.net Yes
Flatiron West, Inc. Construction CE CM http://www.flatironcorp.com Yes
Frank Booth Construction CM ME http://www.frankbooth.com/ Yes
Frayji Design Group, Inc. Engineering Consulting CE http://frayjidg.com Yes
Galil Motion Control Control Systems CpE EEE ME http://www.galil.com Yes
GEI Consultants, Inc. Engineering Consulting CE http://www.geiconsultants.com Yes
Ghilotti Bros., Inc Construction Management CE CM http:// Yes
GHILOTTI CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Construction and Engineering Services CE CM http://ghilotti.com Yes
Grass Valley, A Belden Brand Computers/Electronics CS CpE EEE ME http://grassvalley.com Yes
Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company Construction Management CE CM ME http://www.hdcco.com Yes
HDR, Inc. Engineering Consulting CE CM ME http://hdrinc.com Yes
Hensel Phelps Construction Management CE CM http://http://www.henselphelps.com/ Yes
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Telecommunications/Networking CS CpE EEE http://www.arubanetworks.com/ Yes
Holdrege & Kull - Consulting Engineers and Geologists Engineering Consulting CE CM http://www.HoldregeandKull.com Yes
Inductive Automation Software CS CpE http://www.inductiveautomation.com No
JBT Corporation - Food and Beverage Solutions Manufacturing EEE ME http://http://www.jbtcorporation.com No
JENSEN HUGHES Engineering Consulting EEE ME http://www.jensenhughes.com Yes
McGuire and Hester Construction CE CM http://www.mcguireandhester.com Yes
Mead & Hunt, Inc. Engineering Consulting CE EEE ME http://meadhunt.com/ Yes
MiTek Software CE CM CS CpE EEE ME http://www.mitek-us.com/Default.aspx Yes
Olson Steel Construction CE CM http://olsonsteel.com Yes
Otto Construction Construction CM www.ottoconstruction.com Yes
Pan-Pacific Mechanical Construction CM ME http://ppmechanical.com/ Yes
Performance Contracting Inc. Construction CE CM ME http://www.pcg.com Yes
PG&E Utility EEE https://www.pge.com/ No
Riskalyze, Inc. Software CS CpE http://www.riskalyze.com No
Rosendin Electric Inc. Construction CE CM EEE http://www.rosendin.com Yes
Rudolph & Sletten Construction CE CM http://www.rsconstruction.com/ Yes
Sierra Mountain Construction, Inc. Construction and Engineering Services CE CM ME http://sierramtn.net/ Yes
Southland Industries Construction CM ME http://southlandind.com No
Stanfield Systems Software CS CpE http://www.stanfieldsystems.com No
SymSoft Solutions, LLC Information Technology CS CpE http://www.symsoftsolutions.com Yes
Synergex Software CS CpE http://www.synergex.com Yes
Tesco Controls, Inc. Manufacturing CS CpE EEE https://tescocontrols.com/ No
Trinity Technology Group IT Consulting CS CpE http://trinitytg.com Yes
Truebeck Construction Construction CE CM http://www.truebeck.com Yes
TSI Semiconductors Manufacturing EEE ME http://www.tsisemi.com/ Yes
Turner Construction Construction Management CM http://www.turnerconstruction.com/ Yes
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Government/Public Service CE CS CpE EEE ME http:// Yes
VSP Global Information Technology CS CpE https://vspglobal.com/ Yes
VTS Defense CS CpE ME http://vts-i.com Yes
W. L. Butler Construction, Inc. Construction CE CM http://www.wlbutler.com Yes
W. M. Lyles Co. Construction CE CM http://www.wmlyles.com Yes
Webcor Builders Construction CE CM ME http://www.webcor.com Yes
WEST Builders, Inc Construction Management CE CM ME http://westbuilders.net/ Yes
Western Area Power Administration/Sierra Nevada Region Energy CE CM EEE https://www.wapa.gov/regions/SN/Pages/sn.aspx Yes
Whiting-Turner Contracting Construction Management CE CM ME http://www.whiting-turner.com Yes
Wood Rodgers, Inc. Engineering Consulting CE http://www.woodrodgers.com Yes