10 Common Job Search Mistakes

  1. Failure to use a variety of job seeking methods. Your job seeking should include:
  • Targeting companies you are interested in
  • Developing a list of possible companies and contacting them directly
  • Answering ads listed on the web and in newspapers
  • Networking with your friends and contacts
  • Significant time spent researching companies on your list using the web & other sources
  • Informational interviewing
  1. Failure to plan and organize your campaign. Each week/day should be planned ahead of time with time devoted to all facets of the campaign. Make a to do list each day!

  2. Failure to keep records of everything you do during the campaign and particularly everyone you speak with including the date and what was discussed.

  3. Failure to maintain a positive attitude and working to make a friend of everyone you meet. Put out positive energy to all people you meet during the campaign. All contacts are valuable, it is just that some are better than others. Do not try to figure out which ones are better. A seemingly unimportant contact, or a contact that seems less than friendly might be the one that yields the job. Treat everyone with warmth and courtesy and ask for their advice and ideas.

  4. Failure to work at maintaining positive self-esteem. You have special talents with much to offer; you need to do is put the energy into understanding what your main focus should be and working to get there. Just say to yourself, "I don't qualify to be permanently unemployed, I will get the right job if I keep focused and believe in myself!"

  5. Failure to accomplish what you planned for the day or week. Don't procrastinate or waste time on unproductive activities or feeling sorry for yourself. Just get on with your "to do's" each day!

  6. Failure to spend enough time being active and making contact. Productivity in your campaign will depend on your activity level. You need to make contact with other employed people to unearth good leads! The biggest mistake unemployed people make is that they hang around with other unemployed people...

  7. Failure to prepare ahead of time for an interview. Most people do not spend time preparing for interviews. You need to research everything about the company and yourself as well as studying old notes from relevant classes for your interview.

  8. Failure to maintain your attitude and appearance by not working to be mentally and physically fit.. Your job search campaign should be a good combination of work, rest, exercise, and play. The average length of time it takes to obtain employment is 3 to 6 months. You need invest time in finding the right job and be positive the entire time!

  9. Failure to maintain good grooming and personal appearance. Even when dressed informally, when you think you will not be meeting anyone, you might bump into a potential employer. First impressions are really important!
© copyright Cici Mattiuzzi, May 1999